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Our Patients Speak

Here are recent patient reviews copied directly from YELP and other sources:

I am happy to hear you are establishing your own practice!  I will absolutely pass on the recommendation to any of my San Diego friends that are searching for a chiropractor.  I truly appreciated your thorough customer service and that you took the time to actually LISTEN when concerns and thoughts were being discussed.  You have a great approach to health care.  ~ Danielle B.

Dr Plante was my Chiropractor for years. I have not found another in my area that makes me safe and relaxed with my osteoporosis. He kept me moving in a fast paced job for years, and I was able to keep up with grandchildren at parks. He listened to me & my body & knew the right adjustments to keep me aligned and moving. He cares about the total person not just the fast adjustment & out the door. Those in the San Diego area are lucky to find such a caring man/doctor. ~ Catherine P.

Dr. Plante was a chiropractor of mine for 10 years.  After many months of back spasms, migraines, dizzinessand fatigue, I visited his office one day.  He listened to me intently and then did a through evaluation of my spine.  After treating me for only a few weeks, I felt like I had my life back and my kids had ME back.  I have tried multiple doctors of chiropractic, and he is the ONLY one that really knows how to adjust me for optimal health. He is a man with integrity, compassion, and drive to really understand his patients. I have referred him to many friends and family.  ~ Jen S.

I was a pt of Dr Plante's for over 10 years until he moved away from MN to San Diego. He has treated me for severe mid back pain, which I no longer have after several adjustments, training my spine to stay put! He has also successfully treated my inner ear infections when I was so dizzy I couldn't drive, I could leave his office feeling completely normal. Dr. Plante had compassion for my painful state and always made a way to "squeeze" me into his schedule. He is very caring and professional. I would recommend him to any family member, in fact, I actually have!!  ~ Michele A.

On a trip to Minneapolis, Mn. I visited Chuck, I complained about my lower back. Chuck took me to his office and gave me the full treatment. It was a wonderful experience. For those who have doubts about Chiropractic treatments, I assure you Dr. Chuck Plante is  highly knowledgable about bone, muscle and ligament struture. You will pleased on your first vist to have been treated by Chuck Plante DC.  ~ Ivan B.

My entire family saw Dr. Plante during his tenure in Minnesota. He always made time to see us and we willingly drove up to 70 miles round trip to see him. His holistic approach to health, gentle touch and ethical practice kept us coming back. The San Diego area is blessed to have such a wonderful chiropractor in the area and we wish him every success! ~ Dave & Carole G.

I was a patient of Chuck Plante, DC for many years and a friend of the family.  I suffered from head, neck & shoulder problems resulting from a concussion and also chronic bronchitis.  I am completely well with no issues from any of my previously chronic conditions.  I can speak very highly for Chuck's ethics as a business man and as a family man.  He made me feel healed the moment I walked into his office - he has the gift of healing because he cares so deeply about helping people.   He is very good at spinal adjustments and I have heard this repeated about him from other professionals who know him.  ~ Sue S.
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